Rejoice! It’s the Super Scope 6!!

So I says to myself, I says: “What obscure memory from my childhood can I write about for my first ‘real’ post?”
The Super Scope 6!

Hereby referred to as the SS6, this monster was the only official light gun for the SNES and a poorly thought out invention.

The thing was HUGE, especially for my smaller than average ten year old shoulder. I swear it was probably 3/4 the length of my body. And the game selection was absolutely terrible.

The Bundled game with the SS6 was inovativly entitled “Super Scope 6” because, well, you used the SS6 and there were six minigames to play for 5 minutes before the 6 AA’s you just put in the thing ran out of juice. Blastris was one of said minigames, Your goal was to shoot blocks into formation ala Tetris.

Yoshi’s Island was another, although I like most anything related to that lovable italian plumber and his weirdo friends I hated this game.

See, you ride on Yoshi’s back, but if you accidentaly shoot the Yoshinator he loses health. With the ss6 being notoriosly hard to control and sometimes shooting on its own, this usually ended with A game over screen, me throwing it to the floor, crying and vowing to take up stamp collecting instead.

Well, thats the Super Scope 6. And my Official first post, I hope I inspired you all to never pick up this forgotten monstrosity.

[EDIT]: Ok, the original picture I had posted there didn’t fit the new design so I give you the much better original ad.


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