First rule of Saturday Night Movie Club:

You don’t talk about Saturday Night Movie Club!

OK, despite the title this will not be a Fight Club review, although I love the movie this being my first review I think I’ll go with something A little cheesier, A little bloodier, something with a little more BAD TASTE.

That’s right the inaugural film is Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste.

Now as the tiltle may suggest, this film is NOT for the faint of heart. I mean its not like someone who directs this sort of thing could win an Oscar or something..what? Peter Jackson did win an Oscar?? Well nevermind.

Basically the plot centers around The Astro Investigation and Defence Service (AIDS), Whose Member Ozzy, Frank. Barry and Derek(played by peter jackson) are sent to Investigate the disappearance of an entire village in New Zealand. Well It turns out that the town did’nt really ‘disappear’ per se, they were just killed and turned into fast food for an alien race headed by ‘Lord Crumb’.

Moving right along.

To kick things off why don’t I show you the trailer so you know what you’re getting yourself into here.

See, I told you..

Anyway, I know I called this A ‘review’ but in actuality Its more of a Top 5 list, Who doesn’t love lists?

So I present to you my 5 favorite moments from Bad Taste.

Number 5.

In one of the later scenes in the movie Frank shoots a rocket Launcher at a house full of aliens only to have said rocket go miss Lord Crumb and go straight through the comically Bugs Bunny-ish hold made moments earlier by Derek’s chainsaw with hilarious results.

Number 4.

After breaking into the aliens mansion/intergalactic spacecraft, Frank, Ozzy and Barry are faced with a real tough decision, how do you keep an alien from screaming “Intruder” to alert his comrades? well, you remove his head of course.

Number 3.

Heres one thing you all should know. In a situation such as this the inevitable rule of what can go wrong will go wrong does indeed apply. If I had a dollar for every time I forgot to take the parking brake off every time an alien was latched onto my car I’d have, well, a dollar. Because there was that one time, but thats neither here nor there.

Number 2.

Ok, Peter Jackson is comedy gold. not only did he write and direct Bad Taste, He also acted. Two roles in fact, The guy that jumps out of the bushes and attacks Derek(peter Jackson) is an alien named Robert also played by Peter Jackson. “Eat lead Sucker!”

And thus Number 2 brings us to the Inevitable Number 1 moment of Bad Taste.

Now even though the clips before this have been really bad, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t once again warn you, gentle reader, that this film and this clip especialy is not for the faint of heart.

Here we go, The climax scene of the movie and tonights Number 1.

After stowing away aboard the alien Mansion/intergalactic spacecraft Derek finds himself with a chance for a little payback, Earth style.

Oh and by the way, the bit that was cut off at the end, Derek was stating that he had been “Born Again”.

And so this brings to A close the first Saturday Night Movie Club, I hope you don’t hold me personally responsible If you end up scarred for life, if you’re looking for someone to blame give Peter Jackson a call.

Hey, If you make a court case out of it you might even get a few bucks, I hear he made another movie that made a bit of money.


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