“The Doctor Will See You Now.”

I’ve been feeling like hell for the past week and a half , so I decided to pay ol’ doc a visit.
I love going to the doctor but not because he’s such a charming fella, no I love it for the waiting room.

Why do I love the waiting room you may ask? Well it certainly can’t be for the waiting, because really who likes to wait. And no. its not for the plethura of supurb reading material. So what is it you ask?
Colorful people friends, colorful people.

The waiting room has every type of person you could ever want to see, from the rich soccor mom’s, to the guy who is constantly on his phone, to the “I’m sick so don’t be mad at me for coughing directly in your face without covering my mouth” lady, I love them all.
And then there Frank.

Frank is intense, really intense. He seems to be there whenever I am, maybe he’s there when I’m not too. He’s the type of guy who can’t believe that someone as immensely important as he is has to wait with the rest of the regular folk, and I’m not quite sure, but he seems to have anger issues.

So thats Frank, Why did I tell you about Frank?
He’s the inspiration for this entire post actually.
Now I know people get mad in the Dr’s waiting room, in fact the very thought of the waiting room is maddening to some people, And sometimes getting mad works.
You see, on Monday I was sitting there in the aforementioned room, minding my own business, politely chatting with the guy across from me when I heard some pretty loud swearing coming from the corner.
It was Frank.
Frank had grown tired of waiting.
What did he do? well the Dr. wasn’t with anybody at the moment, he was on the phone in his office.
So Frank opened the door, stood in his office, hung up the phone for the doctor and refused to leave unless he was seen immediately.
Well I guess the doctor was a bit shocked and intimidated by Frank because he complied, Frank left the office, nodded and smiled at me and left the building.

Now the part that I like the best about this is I regularly chat with Frank whenever I’m there.
He’s told me several times that he has no job, he’s not married, no pets, nothing.
Why was he in such a rush I wondered.
well as it turned out I didn’t have to wonder for long, the doctor saw me next and I was on my way.
I saw Frank having a cigarette outside the door and I asked him what was going on.

Turns out he just wanted to make it to McDonald’s while you could still get the breakfast menu.

Gotta love Frank.


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