Of Leaky Roofs And Water Boilers.

Yesterday when I came home from work I commented to absolutly no one in particular, “Wow, wouldja look at this rain! I sure hope my roof isnt leaking again!”
You see, I’ve had quite a few problems with leaky roofs(rooves?) since I moved into this place last April.

Did my roof leak?
Where was my roof leaking?
Everywhere.. The kitchen, The bathroom, My bedroom, Even the damn windowsills were leaking.
Now normally this would’nt bother me so much, as I have said, Happened before.
Put down a few pots and go back to being blissfully ignorant of my house’s suck factor, It’s a suck factor of 7 by the way.
But this leak was A bastard.
It must read my blog and be pissed at how un-funny I am because it leaked all over my keyboard.
Time of death: 4:45 pm.

So that was yesterday.
Now today I came home after buying a pretty swanky keyboard/mouse combo and what did I find?
The pressure in my water boiler had built up too much and the damn thing cracked.
Too much water in too little time…

Im glad I stored my Mogwai safely in a water tight box.


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