I love robots, it seems like I always have.
Ever since seeing Star Wars as a kid I’ve thought they we’re the best thing ever, because really, who wouldn’t want a robot for a friend??

Well, I downloaded the original un-enhanced un-ruined Star Wars last night and as I was watching it a bit of inspiration struck, So I’m going to tell you about some of my favourite mechanized friends.
Artoo + C-3po = BFF

R2-D2 And C-3PO
Of course I’m going to have to begin with C-3PO and R2-D2, two of the coolest robots to ever grace the dreams of any boy in the 80’s.
C-3PO is as elloquent as most high-school english teachers and always see’s the bright side of any situation.(“we’re doomed!”)
While Artoo conveys more emotion with a few Beep-oops and Oooo’s than most teenage Hollywood actresses, This is where it all started for me.
JoshC + Artoo & C-3PO = BFF

If you’ve don’t know the utter insanity that is GIR I suggest you run immediately to your nearest DVD buying place and pic up Invader ZIM season 1.
Are you back yet?? Ok good, see why he’s on this list??
GIR is ZIM’s 2nd in command in his mission to take over Earth!(moo ha ha) He’s also incredibly stupid.
GIR enjoys watching the evil monkey show, Taco’s and Piggies. ❤ GIR ❤

Nirvash TypeZERO
From the Anime Eureka 7, The Nirvash TypeZERO might not be considered your “traditional robot” as it’s more of a Mech, but as the series progresses we come to understand that there more to The Nirvash than meets the eye.

The Iron Giant
Ahh The Iron Giant, The classic tale of a boy and his robot. Heres another movie that had me thinking that everything would be allright if I could just have a robot pal.
I swear, if I ever win the lottery this is where the money will go, Giant Childlike Robots Of DOOM! TM.

Well, I hope you enjoyed todays lil’ bout of nonsensical rambling, I know I did.
There will probably be another Robot love post in a few months as theres so many more out there that I didn’t cover in todays article.
Do you have a robot memory or just want to profess your undying love for robots??


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