Saturday Night Movie Club: Round 2

Tonight I’m going to do something a little different, I’m not going to “review” anything per se, I’m going to talk about 3 movies you may not have heard of but should definetly check out.

Shichinin no samurai

AKA Seven Samurai, This was my introduction to Akira Kurosawa and out of the three I’m going to talk about tonight, my favorite.

Shichinin no samurai stars Takashi Shimura as Kambei Shimada, A Ronin who agrees to gather together a band of samurai to protect a village which is under attack by bandits.
This is the father of modern samurai films in my opinion.


Akira Kurosawa first hit it big with Rashomon, The story of A rape and murder, told from the viewpoints of the 3 defendants, stars Toshirô Mifune who was also in Seven Samurai.
A great mystery that will have you loving and hating the characters at the same time.


Yojimbo or The Bodyguard (no, not that The Bodyguard..geez) is why I decided to pass on my love for Kurosawa to you.
I had been trying to get a decent copy for awhile and this week I was successful.
Do you like stories about gang warfare?? Well thats essentially what this is, but so much more.
A samurai comes to a village terrorized by rival gangs and gets hired by one of them to defeat the other, although he craftily decides to play them against each other, getting hired back and forth, to defeat them both and free the town.
Overall a really good film.

Well hopefully I’ve inspired some of you to check out some of these movies mentioned here tonight, and if not, nect time I dunno, Zombies or something.


Ok, looking over this post in the light of day I realize just how much I half-assed what could’ve been a loving tribute to one of my favorite directors.
I could go back and change it now but I won’t. Cause I’m all about commitment..Hear that ladies??


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