Scientists Are Batshit Crazy

Last night I had a dream about Melt Banana.
Theres not much to tell.

But batshit crazy scientists on the other hand, now theres a topic for discussion!!

I recently read about a group of researchers in Florida who fired rockets into a thunderstorm.
Why did they do this you ask?
Pfft, you got me, because they can??

Essentially the whole project was the same as one Benjamin Franklin perfected years before, Storm is in sky, tie string to thing that goes up in sky, zap.

What did they learn?
well when you fire a rocket into a thunderstorm, radiation similar to X-rays are emitted, just blew your minds, I know.

Need further proof of scientists who are gone way past “just a little quirky”?

British scientists have invented a computerized communications satellites and they named it SKYNET

In other news, I have a new cat, found the lil’ bugger hanging around looking tired, scared(probably because my other animals were attempting to eat her) and hungry.
So in my room she stays as the new permanent resident of my faux-zoo.
She seems to be a good girl, but every now and then she gives me an evil look and I swear to god, she mouths the word “doho”.


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