Who wants to be the Mickey to my Rocky?

This is an excerpt from a conversation I had earlier today:

“I just realized something, I think I want to fight a shark before I die.

I know I know, sounds crazy right?

but just hear me out:
there some pretty bad ass people out there, Evil Knievel was pretty bad ass, he broke pretty much every bone in his body like twice. thats pretty bad ass in my book.

Rocky, Rocky beat up people in a boxing ring for the good of the nation, he single handedly ended the cold war with his fists of fury.

Bruce lee: he was just bad ass period.

but can any of these magnificent bastards say they ever got in a fight with a goddamn aquatic killing machine?

fuck no.

thats it, Ive made up my mind.
I’m going for it.”

So if any of you out there know a marine biologist or someone at Sea World try and set it up for me, I’ll give you a 10% cut of the door and exclusive movie rights.
I retain the rights to the merchandising though, I have an Idea about “Shark Hands” for the kids.
Kinda like Hulk Hands, just a little more, you know, sharky.


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