Movie Review: A Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’m kinda accident prone, I’ve had a lot of funny/painful mishaps in my 25 years.

When I was a kid my grandfather had a couple of old train cars on his property that he used as sort of a makeshift storage facility, and my friends and I used to play war on them all the time.
Remember war? you’d run around and beat the hell out your friends with visions of a dystopian future dancing in your heads, when you’re a kid war is a blast.
These days, not so much.

But I digress.
My friend Greg and I were using this old rope we found to climb up to the top of our Base(train car).
He made it up just fine, and I sort of did too, I mean if you don’t take the fact that when I got to the top and was about to swing my leg over the railing the rope snapped and I fell into this weird oily water that for some reason had a bunch of scrap metal in it into consideration.

We didn’t play War anymore that day.

When I was 21 I flipped a car a bunch of times, but that ones just scary so I’ll tell you another time.

When I was five or six I was jumping on my brothers bed and he pushed me mid-jump, you know, the point where you have either just jumped up in the air or are coming back down and you’re at the mercy of gravity or whatever other force is applied to you.
Well yeah anyway, he pushed me and I fell head first into a desk, that one is kinda funny.

Ummm lets see, what else??

Oh yeah, the movie.
It’s really good.
You should probably check it out.


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