It Was A Day Like Any Other.

Or so I thought!(dun dun duuunnn)

I checked out Flabslappers blog and we had A minor disagreement, words were said that couldn’t be un-said(i.e: Jerkface) and so we had to settle it.

And how do two handsome, civilized men settle anything these days?
Why with live squids at 20 paces of course!!

Special thanks to: dan for providing the squid and anyone who starts a band and calls themselves Bloody Calamari(isnt that just the tops?)

SUPER SPECIAL THANKS: To Flabslapper, for creating this masterpiece , that I reproduced here without his permission.
Please don’t sue me my friend, I have good intentions.
And If you haven’t checked out His Blog yet you REALLY should.

Happy Fourth Of July my yankee comrades!


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