Yo Dudes, Check This Out!!

It’s Wacky Packs!!!!!

One of the coolest trading card lines ever, yessir it’s Wacky Packs.
Made by Topps(the baseball cards guys), with a limited 2 year run in 1967 and again in ’73, ’77, ’79/80, ’85, and 1991.
Ok yeah so I guess they weren’t really limited per se, but thats what wiki says, and wiki never lies.


I really can’t tell you how many of these cards my brother and I had, or how many hours of fun we had with them.
Being kids we didn’t always get the jokes, or understand which product was being spoofed, but dammit we laughed anyway.

They were stickers too!!
What? No I’m not a liar, and my pants certainly are NOT on fire!
Really, I think flaming trousers would be the type of thing I would notice.
So yeah, they were indeed stickers, stickers that used to be trading cards.
My brother had his dresser completely plastered with these things, which was cool, but I kept them as cards.
Because I knew the score, thats why.

Some of them we’re pretty gross too, especially the 1985 and 1991 sets.
I suppose it had something to do with the popularity of Garbage Pail Kids and madballs, when Topps realized that kids loved gross things(wow, a little late to the party there Topps) the cards/stickers took a turn for the Blech.

I can’t find any pictures of my favorites, and this makes me sad, but here are a few of the other ones I had, including an awesome “Kook-Aid”.(psst, it’s a goof on Kool Aid)

Well. there you have it, my pint sized tribute to Wacky Packs.
I had a lot of fun, and I found out there is going to be a coffee table book released later this year.
So if you enjoyed this enough to feel like you have to know everything there is to know about Wacky Packs then you should definitely pick it up.

Hey! You there!
Yes you, Got any Wacky Pack memory’s??
Well I wanna hear them, to the comments section with you!


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