I’m Un-Consoled, I’m Lonely, I Am So Much Better Than I Used To Be

That line sums me up pretty well these days.
Yes, I know.
Seriousness on my blog is quite a rare thing, And I apologize,
I suppose I’m going through what smarter people than I would call an existentialist crisis, And as you probably are already aware of, I haven’t been writing much “real” content lately.
I have something in the works, It’s actually something I enjoyed doing a lot, An interview with somebody.
Is this somebody fictional? Maybe.
Is it good? Probably not.
Will it blow your mind? Most definitely.

So to tide you over I’m going to give you a video of one of my favourite songs.

Aside by the Weakerthans.

Also: Come on!! Favourite is so a word!! When will spell check recognize my Canadian status?!
All the rest of you have!!
Get with the program spell check!!


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