What have I been doing lately?

Really ridiculous shit.

For example, Here’s me recounting my evening to a friend:

Note: Names have been changed to protect people who would beat me up for naming them on the internet.

“Ok, well I told you my buddy got married, so theres a bunch of old friends in town for the wedding, and about 4 of them are halfway sensible, and the other 10 are completely batshit crazy, well we all went to “The Field” this place that we all used to hang out at when we were younger, which is in no way secluded, it’s just a big field in the middle of topsail with houses all around it.

Well things were going ok until everybody started getting a little drunk, then one dude broke out a whole bunch of acid and the crazier folks took some, and then took some more, and I think one dude even took some more after that, then things got a little weird, so then there was My brother, two friends of mine; Bob and Steve and myself, the slightly less insane folks, standing in the midst of this booze/acid fueled orgy of madness, talking about guitar amps and planning a bowling night, when one of the dudes got really loud and threw a couple of bottles on the road, then cops were called, and they all ran(the crazy folk) While my brother, two friends and I, calmly walked away, but the thing that is most surreal to me is that even though everyone is grown up, with separate lives, NOTHING has changed since then, except us 4, That was my crazy night.”

“hahahhahaha sounds like a time!”

“Thats exactly what it was —-, A time”

So thats what I’ve been up to.
How about yourselves??

EDIT: All though It may not seem like it, the way I wrote this, I did have a great time.
It’s good to know that although I have changed a lot in the past year, I’m not that much different than I was when I was younger to my close friends.


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