Ok folks, heres the deal..

I miss the hell out of you all.

But I still don’t have a working computron-o-matic.

My girlfriend has been gracious enough to let me use hers to let you know I’m still alive and well.

Money’s a little tight lately so I havent been able to fix mine….  However!!

I bring some sort of good tiding.

Tonight I’m actually going to write a lil’ somethin somethin’.

I’ve 2 things that I’ve been digging lately that I think you should probably check out.

Heeere we go.


The new Tv On The Radio album.

If you haven’t heard of these cats before I suggest you take yourself to the nearest music supply depot/internet and listen post-haste, actually, I’m feeling charitable.

Heres two videos from  Return To Cookie Mountain.

Wolf Like Me.

Not bad eh?

Well, try this on for size.


And there you have it, number one.

I’d like to have a captavating closing sentence, but quite honestly I have nothing, They’re just a band I really like that I felt like sharing.

On to number two.

Seeing as we’re getting dangerously close to halloween and I haven’t wrote about anything scary yet, I’ll tell you about a game I picked up last week.


Dead Space



Survival horror anyone??

Yes, It’s scary, fast moving alien zombie creatures FTW.

If you have a 360 I suggest you check this out before the big day comes and go’s. We all could use a good scare before the 31st and you’ll find that here.

Well, that about does it for me, I hope you’re all well and have some great costumes in the works. make sure to check your candy for any number of nasty evil things, and seriously, stop picking at that, it’ll get infected.


Happy Halloween.

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