Shhh….wait, whats that sound???

Could that be the sound of Josh typing???

Yes, yes it is.

I bet you almost forgot what it sounded like eh?

I’ve been busy lately, very very busy, Un-believably busy, like really, you would not believe the magnitude of my busyness.

Ok, so I’m lying, I haven’t actually been THAT busy, get off my case, what, like you’re so special?

I have been working a lot though, bartending mostly, with some very cool people, getting to watch very cool bands for the very cool price of free.

But I want to post something here, although I have no idea what.

So, lets try something shall we?

Who wants to write a post for me? Anyone?

It can be about anything, puppies, that weird thing growing on the back of your knee(seriously dan, get that looked at.) The recent election, that girl at the coffee shop who keeps screwing up my order, ANYTHING!!

And if I receive more than one, what the hey, I’ll put them all up!

Who am I kidding, “If”. WHEN I receive more than one, because lets face it, This is the most read blog coming out of Canada right now, well maybe out of Newfoundland right now… No? Umm, how about coming out of my bedroom right now, yeah that sounds about right.

So get to writing you scallywags! The deadline is… I have no idea, hopefully I receive at least 1 though, boy will my face be red if I don’t.

Send anything to

In the meantime, if you ever walk in to a bar in newfoundland and see this in front of you:

Whatll it be buddy?

What'll it be buddy?

Pull up a stool, let me buy you a drink, and tell me all your problems.

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