Writers Block Can Eat It.

Well Well Well.
Seems I’ve broken one of my new years resolutions already, you know, the one about me writing more.
I’m a terrible person I know.
But truth be told I don’t really have anything to write about, I’ve been leading a boring life lately, Sort of.
I’m in between jobs at the moment, but doing minimal work at a bar when I can, and playing in a band or two.

In case you haven’t noticed by some of the posts here, I rather enjoy music, and I know some of you do too, so I figured I’d introduce you to my band.

Teenage Terrorists is the name. Playing loud and fast is the game, we have fun.

Teenage Terrorists

I can’t figure out how to post the videos, but If you’d like to check them out have at it, you can find them here:
Teenage Terrorists

So that’s it, that’s basically all that’s been new with me, how about all of you?
I need to start making my usual blog rounds again, we need to catch up, go for coffee perhaps?
Oh but that’s right, you’re off the caffeine again, Sigh, how many times is that now, 5?
Come on, who do you think you’re kidding…
Ok fine fine, we’ll just have water, or maybe an Italian soda, I just don’t see why I can’t have coffee because you’re off the caffeine, ok look I’m not trying to start a big thing here..
I might get a scone though, is that cool?
Do you want one too? No, I thought not, you’ll just end up eating half of mine, as usual…
God, why are we even friends, Sometimes I wonder.

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