Halloween countdown: day one. Candy candy candy…. And art for some reason, because why the fuck not!

Well after years of saying I would, mostly to myself, I’m finally going to do a Halloween countdown!!

So expect lots of spooky goodness, well whatever spooky goodness I can find.. There will be lots of pictures, some videos, a movie review here and there and some surprises.

So join me wont you, as I and hopefully you, get into the spooky spirit!

Tomorrow: a human heart!

So, Seeing as how it feels quite like fall here on the rock, yesterday Chantelle And I decided to go on the prowl for Anything Halloweeny. We didn’t find much, but we did find candy!!

So, Join me won’t you, as we take a look at some tasty, some gross and some that should never had been sold due to it being older than you or I!

Awesome graphic Eh? I do it cause I love you.

First off, from Regal. It’s Power Poppers  SOUR FOAM!!

Looks like the little yellow dude is enjoying it, I wonder how much they paid him to pretend? Or maybe he just doesn't have taste buds!

Poisonous pink death foam!

This stuff is absolutely horrendous, it feels like, well, I really don’t know what it feels like, and the taste? S-O-U-R! Un-goddly sour, really, it’s disgusting! Theres no text on the areosol can(yes AEROSOL CAN, Thats actually the main reason I bought it, any candy that comes in an aerosol can HAS to be cool) So of course I had to taste it for you and document the series of screwed up funny faces usually reserved for when Calvin portrays his disgust for the dinner his mother has placed before him.

Here Goes Nothin’!!

This is my, ok maybe it won't be so bad, face.

I was really hesitant, but I figured it can’t possibly be that bad, Right??  The next few pictures would say otherwise, well they would if they could talk, and even if they could I sincerely doubt pictures speak the Queens english.

You cqan tell by thew look on my face that I REALLY don't want to do this, especially since on friday I had the first session to turn my two canine teeth silver. but hey, no goin back now!!

Even though my eyes are halfway shut you can still see the look of terror in my eyes,






This stuff is horrible, No real flavor to it, just SOUR, like Murder your taste buds sour. The things I do for you guys, and it made me feel so sick:

Mmmmm Sooooour

Like, SO SICK:

Yum, My tongue is tingling with the heat of a thousand suns.

But I overcame, and was ready to soldier on to the next bit:

I was beggining to wonder if this was a bad idea. Notice the remnants of the foam on my chin and cheek, That shit got EVERYWHERE and it is insanely sticky.

Up next: Ooze Toobz from Morris National Incorporated..yeah, GREAT name for a company that makes candy, fucking idiots.

This stuff was INCREDIBLE!!! Strawberry Ooze the consistency of elmers glue. So great, Not too sweet either, just right, Sadly I ate it all before I had a chance to take pictures, what can I say, I’m a weak man, Mea Culpa.

Numbah Threee! :

From McCormicks, Marshmallow Cones!

Smarshmallow Cones!!!!

These were a staple growing up in my house, I fucking LOVED these things as a kid.

I don’t know if I got a bad batch or if my palate has changed as I’ve aged, but they weren’t as great as I remember, the cones were super super stale, but the marshmallow? perfect. Picture shoving a Marshmallow Peep inside an ice cream cone and you have these bad boys.

Look at 'em!

Tell me those bad boys don't look delicious, go on, tell me! I DARE YOU!!

Ok, Next up we have Tongue Tinglers from the good folks at Gummy Zone.


Look pretty good huh. Well they probably would’ve been if not for the fact that they were so stale that instead of being “Gummy” They just cracked into slivers when you bit them, not unlike the bubble gum sticks youd get with 1989 Topps baseball cards.

Screw you and your knock-off sour keys Gummy Zone!!

More pics:

Looks good...

But looks can be deceiving!

Now this one is my absolute favorite, I dont know who makes it, but you’ll see why I love it so much:

He's a skull..

He's a pirate..

His packaging is great..

Like, REALLY Great..

He's a bluerazz sucker...

And HE..




Seriously, how fucking cool is that?! He's a Skull pirate, with fantastic packaging, he tastes delicious, and he lights up like a light saber!! I named him Hiroki the Pirate Skull and Hiroki, I will forever love you!

Well thats it for the candy, I hope you enjoyed reading, especially seeing as how I near poisoned myself with that sour foam, I do cause I love you.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I do a lot of art, and heres one of my newest pieces:

The title is "Waiting"

Expect more updates of candy, Halloween decorations and random dollar store finds in the future, and possibly some more art.

I hope you are all well, I know its been WAAAAY too long since I last poisted, so I hope theres at least one or two of you left to read this.

RANDOM SURVEY: Seeing as how I’m WAY in the Halloween mood, What was your all time favorite Halloween costume?

Love and Punches: -Joshua

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